Overcoming Dental Anxiety: Find Comfort at THANC Dentistry

Dental Anxiety ?

Dental fear cripples a person's mind to the point where visiting a dentist poses an almost impossible challenge. The type of anxiety arising from dental fear is as real as the type of anxious feelings a person feels before boarding an airplane. The fear is even stronger if the potential patient has already had a bad experience at a dental office. However, if you suffer from dental fear and anxiety, there are fortunately some techniques to overcome these feelings. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Remember You’re Not Alone

Furthermore, fear of visiting the dentist is not an isolated case affecting only a handful of individuals. Approximately 15 percent of the population fears going to the dentist. This means that 15 percent of individuals with serious gum disease or other dental issues are more likely to lose their teeth.

Communicate Your Feelings With

Your Dentist One important way to overcome dental anxiety is to tell the dentist about past negative encounters with other dental offices. A good dentist will understand the dilemma and try to put the patient at ease. Even if you still feel feel dental anxiety or fear after discussing it with your dentist, by talking with them about it you better equip them to care for you as their patient. Making your dentist aware of how you feel gives them the ability to personalize their approach to your treatment to minimize the impact of your dental fear and anxiety. Without communicating with them about it, they simply do not have this same level of information.

Find the Right Dentist

It also helps if the dental office employs friendly, caring employees who want to make people feel comfortable.

Fortunately, here at THANC we take the comfort and well- being of our patients as one of our top priorities and welcome all patients  as if they were family!

Visiting the dentist does not need to cause anxiety or fear. Here at THANC , we can help, so GIVE US A CALL !

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