Voice & Airway Clinic

Voice & Airway Clinic

Our voice plays a vital role in the way others perceive us. Voice problems affect people of all ages and professions. Hoarseness, discomfort or straining to talk or sing could be mundane symptoms or something as serious as voice box cancer. A person experiencing difficulty should be evaluated promptly by a voice disorder specialist.

A highly flexible telescope inserted through the nose and into the back of the throat gives a detailed view of the throat, voice box and wind pipe, resulting in instant and accurate diagnosis without much distress to the patient. The voice clinic also provides state-of-the-art voice care, using stroboscopy (slow motion video capture of the voice box) and digital voice analysis to provide a complete voice evaluation.

Voice changes can be corrected or significantly improved with therapy, medications or precision treatment such as Phonosurgery and Micro-Laryngeal Surgery. Permanent weaning of tracheostomy tube is also done in a patient -centred manner.

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