Snoring Clinic

Snoring Clinic

Most of us think that snoring is just a loud noise that disturbs sleep. Little do we realise that it can cause other health disorders. While asleep for people who snore, breathing becomes periodically slower and can even stop for a brief time, which is called ‘Sleep Apnea’.
A person with Sleep Apnea feels tired during the day and studies show that snoring is also associated with uncontrolled and fluctuating high blood pressure and even heart disease.

Obesity, weak abdominal muscles and structural airway problems can cause snoring. Our Snoring Clinic perform various investigations such as upper airway tract assessment, ‘overnight sleep’ study, etc, to find the cause and suggest appropriate therapy.

While most cases of snoring can be effectively treated by appropriate exercises, weight reduction and medications, some patients may require CPAP therapy or surgery.


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