Tracheostomy Care

1.What is Tracheostomy ?

Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure where in a hole is made in the front wall of the windpipe ( trachea) by a skin incision in the neck.

2.What is the purpose of the tracheostomy ?

If bypasses any obstruction in the upper airway.If helps in clearing out the chest secretions especially in severe pneumonia.In neurological patients like stroke or due to Road Traffic injury, to prevent aspiration of saliva and chest secretions, Tracheostomy is done.In certain Head and neck surgeries, for access and as a temporary procedure till the swelling or the tumour treatment is complete.For a long term ventilation.

3.Can a person eat with tracheostomy ?

Yes. The initial few days of the procedure, because of pain in the neck, there might be a difficulty in swallowing. But later eating can be normal.

4.Can a person speak after tracheostomy ?

If the patient is using a tracheostomy tube without cuff a speaking value or a fenestrated tube, he or she can speak with tracheostomy patient must be conscious with reasonably good lung function.

5.What are the different types of tracheostomy ?Metal or plasticCuffed/ non cuffedFenestrated/ non fenestratedWith subglottic suctionPortex / Shiley tube

6.How long should one have tracheostomy tube ?

Once the reason for which it was placed is solved, the tube can be removed.

7.What are the indication that the tube can be removed ?

Patient should be consciousShould be able to swallow his saliva or spit it out.No cough during eatingOn trial closure of the tube, patient should be comfortable for atleast 48 hours.

8.What happens after a tracheostomy ?

A Tracheostomy actually bypasses the nose mouth and throat. Patient breaths directly into the windpipe. Therefore, the humidification friction of the nose is best. Dry air can cause secretions to because thick. To prevent the dried secretions from blocking the tube, Heated humidifiers, placing of a moist gauze over the tube and saliva nebulizations should be done. Regular cleaning of inner cannula and suction of the secretions is required.

9.What is tracheostomy tube care ?

Tracheostomy care includes changing a tracheostomy inner tube, clearing the tracheostomy site and changing dressing around the site.

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