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Symptoms of throat cancer can vary according to the location of the tumor. The general signs are

SORE THROATAny discomfort or pain in the throat which is longstanding and is not getting better with regular treatment.

CHANGES IN VOICE- The voice can become hoarse, husky, or slurred.

DIFFICULTY IN SWALLOWING- When chewing or swallowing food, there might be difficulty, pain or a burning sensation. Sometimes, there will be difficulty in swallowing saliva also.

LUMP IN THE THROAT- Any neck swelling in the sides or middle of the throat can be a common symptom of head and neck cancer.

WEIGHT LOSS- Generalized ill health and difficulty in swallowing can lead to weight loss.

Other symptoms are difficulty in opening the mouth, difficulty in moving the tongue, coughing up blood, bleeding from the nose and headache. 


Do not ignore any early signs and consult an ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon who will do a clinical examination. A flexible laryngoscopy with I Scan is an office based procedure which is the diagnostic test. If there is any clinical findings, a biopsy & imaging studies would be advised by the doctor.

Early throat cancer is amenable for curative treatment either by Surgery or Chemo Radiation depending upon the stage of the disease.

Head & Neck Center Hospital also  specialize in Post treatment Rehabilitation of swallowing and voice to improve the quality of life of the patien

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