New Year, New Habits: A Gradual Approach to Healthier Eating

The start of a New Year brings with it dreams, hopes, new resolutions, and a desire for a better change.
Drastic change in diet makes give up more quickly as we are not used to it. So why not give our body
and mind time to get used to the dietary change slowly in steps and start the new year with better eating

  • Hydrating well enough so that the nutrients we take in gives the best results for us. Start drinking 8 glasses of water.
  • Eat the rainbow. Its easy to forget veggies and fruits during the holidays. But by including a
    variety of colors in diet can help us feel good.
  • List down the diet consumed for the day. Follow atleast for a week. So that you could find yourself how bad/ how well you are doing with diet? And bring in the change on how you can improve better. Or can consult your dietician for better knowledge.
  • Meal prep for the week will be ideal especially if you are a working individual, so that you don’t end up in eating something in haste.
  • Be inclusive, not exclusive. The best sustainable change comes from focusing on healthy foods that you can add to your diet instead of take away.
  • Reject the idea of needing to make drastic changes to see results as it may lead to yo-yo dieting, and can damage our physical and mental health. So reject the diet mentality and give importance on your hunger cues and mindful eating.
  • Be physically active. Instead of planning get together parties often with friends, take a walk outdoors with friends and explore nature.
  • The holiday season is full of yummy dessert and beverages. There is no need to completely avoid these, but moderation is key.

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