Navigating Oral Cancer: What Comes Next?


The diagnosis with cancer generally is a huge burden to the individual and society. Oral cancers are amenable for curative treatment if detected early. Evaluation by the oncologist to know the extent of the disease by clinical examination and imaging studies  ( CT, PET CT scan etc..) will be done.

The Primary modality of treatment would usually be surgery which will involve removal of the cancerous growth with a margin of normal tissue, removal of the draining lymph nodes in the neck and adjacent bone if applicable. Depending upon the size of the defect after removal, the wound will be repaired by Primary closure, skin grafting, local flaps or micro vascular reconstruction.

Till the wound is healed well, Post-operatively tubes will be placed in the neck (for breathing) and nose  (for feeding).

Post-operative radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy would be advised.

Head and Neck cancers as compared to other cancers  are amenable for treatment and 5 years  survival rate are good if treated early.

Head & Neck Centre and Hospital specializes in the diagnosis and surgery of oral & throat cancers. The Post-operative rehabilitation is given importance as much as the treatment. 

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