Foods For Treating Anaemia

Iron rich foods to include:

1. Fresh figs
2. Pomegranate
3. Dates
4. Fresh sundakkai
5. All green leafy vegetables especially amaranth leaves (mulai keerai), manathakkali, Spinach and drumstick leaves

Take vitamin C rich foods along with iron rich foods before/ after/ asdressings, for better absorption of iron

1. Orange
2. Amla
3. Bell peppers
4. Lemon
5. Sweet lime
6. Pineapple
7. Kiwi

Take good quality protein daily to help you increase haemoglobin

1. Whole and sprouted pulses
2. Legumes like beans, avarakkai
3. Paneer
4. Almond milk
5. Soy chunks and soy milk, once in two weeks, if preferred
6. Non-vegetarian foods include whole eggs and fish

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