Essential Voice Care Tips for Teachers to Prevent Vocal Strain


Voice strains and changes in voice are commonly experienced
by the teachers as their profession demands high vocal
demand. It is mostly seen in teachers working in Primary School
and adolescent children. Music teachers & PT teachers are at
high risk.

Voice is produced by the vibrations of the vocal folds (Voice
Box) meeting together. Any swelling or dysfunction can lead to
change in voice.

The following tips will reduce vocal strain among teachers

  • Have sips of water in between talking.
  • Use microphone if available.
  • Walk into the class and talk.
  • Do not scream or whisper.
  • Have food at regular intervals.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Keep general health good.
  • Plan your classes so that there is a gap between lectures.

What to do when there is a voice problem?

Consult ENT surgeon who will examine your vocal cords and
find out if there is any problem. The Speech and language
Pathologist will assess and teach correct technique of voice

Stroboscopy is a specialized instrument which helps in
visualizing the intricate movement of the vocal folds when they
vibrate. It uses flashes of light

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