Stay Safe and Sound: Tips for Diwali Celebrations and Flight Travel Ear Pain


Diwali & Ears

Diwali is round the corner. Here are few tips to celebrate a safe Diwali.

  1. Avoid high noise generating crackers like atom bomb (> 95 db).
  2. Burst crackers at a distance and not with a hands.

Use ear plugs when in noisy environment.

  1. If smoke generating crackers are burst, wear a properly fitting mask.
  2. Wear mask to reduce  air pollution around Diwali.
  3.  Do not wear tight cloths and keep a bucket of water near a crackers area.

Flight Travel

Holiday season is here. One of the common issue during flight travel is severe ear pain and ear block which can be troublesome in few instances.

The tube connecting the nose and the ear ( Pressure equalizing tube) doesn’t open or gets closed due to various reasons.

Tips to avoid ear pain 

  • Do not sleep especially during take off and landing
  • Do not place cotton in the ear.
  • Avoid flight travel when there is severe cold.
  • if travelling with cold or nasal allergy, take appropriate medications as prescribed by the doctor. 
  • When there is ear block, keep swallowing or use chewing gums.
  • Nasal or oral decongestants advised by physician in persistent ear block consult an ent doctor for recurrent and persistent ear block.

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